B & C

  • Living in the country is an experience I wouldn’t trade. Watching the seasons change, and all the colors in the fields is a daily, ongoing , joy. My camera is never far away, and although a beginner, I enjoy trying to capture the subtle nuances of nature and her humorous jabs at us as we determinedly declare the beginning and end of each harvest cycle. This year has been no different. Following a mild winter, spring came……or did it? Temperatures stayed laughingly low for the calendar month, not warming into summerlike caresses until the middle of July, and then only staying until September when Autumn‘s cooldown began to change the colors of the leaves, and the rains began to return green to parched pastures and lawns. Having the blessing of irrigation, our area doesn’t fear drought to the extent that other parts of the country does. Still, the busy-ness of summer fun can lead to the neglect of sprinklers and fertilizer application.

Kitten anyone?

  • Which brings me to B. B is for busy, and that is what our spring and summer epitomized. No, we didn’t do much playing- just a little. Most of our summer was spent in projects around the house- re-siding, fencing, irrigation, gardening, etc. And THAT led to the craziness of my homemaking efforts.
Dylan some time up north swathing- gorgeous!!
  • C is for canning: tomato sauce, corn, carrots,beans, jams, berries, and grapes and apples are still on the horizon.  The tomatoes are still going great guns, but I’ve been feeding the exhausted bean plants to the goats and chickens.              I canned a lot of corn and beans, and promptly forgot to take a picture before putting them all away. What a goombaw I am!    See you soon for D & E! Happy Saturday!!


One thought on “B & C

  1. This summer was definitely productive. Knowing that ya’ll are getting so much done at home makes completing a paper look really lazy. I miss my Basin. The weather is just too bizarre up here. One strike of lightning almost right on top of us, a massive boom of thunder, deluge of rain, and now the sun is fighting to burn away these huge storm clouds. Insanity.

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