Freedom and Motorcycles

I love this quote!  It gives life to something I have come to feel very strongly lately. While our life is very good, the past 6 or 7 years have felt, at times, like a never-ending flogging with those wonderful things called “growing experiences”. While we have seen and felt God’s love and tender mercies in our behalf, it has been a trial to press forward with faith.

Our kids are mostly grown, the baby is 17 1/2 now and pretty self-sufficient. Paul and I have realized that we have spent the last 25 years raising kids, and not necessarily developing mutual interests outside of child rearing. I have had several friends go through divorces at these stages in their marriages, and the commonality seems to be that they have also been caught in the same rut. While Paul and I love just being together, we feel it is important to have mutual activities that we enjoy together. And so we bought a motorcycle. This may seem ridiculously common in the minutia of daily life to the rest of you, but when you have a background in ICU and ER nursing you see your share of the results of a “donorcycle” lifestyle. Paul had a bike when we married, but I made him get rid of it when the children started coming along. It seemed so irresponsible to intentionally place ourselves in a position where the odds of shining St Peter’s gate earlier than planned would be stratospherically elevated. Ok, maybe not stratospherically (oh, I DO love that word!!), but definitely heightened. Hearing frequent calls of “Trauma code motorcycle vs automobilewas just too much for me.
Now, those kids can survive without us…it would be difficult but they could do it….so the time has come to resume our shared hobby. Yesterday, we hooked up with friends and family and took a ride to an amazingly beautiful area. We had even lived there many years ago but never took the time to enjoy what was in our backyard. As we rode along, the lyrics to “America, the Beautiful” kept running through my mind; maybe these pics will show you why.

Oh Beautiful, for spacious skies

For amber waves of grain

For purple mountains majesties

Above the fruited plain!

Where else but America can you worship how you want, say what you want, be who you want to be, and go wherever you want to go without having to present a passport at the state line? So far, we still have those liberties, but we must be vigilant to safeguard them.

Ok, now some pics of the fam and friends!! Woot Woot!!

the crew: John, Beth, Paul, JC, Lena,Jimmy, Kelly, Adam, Nik, Telisha, and Dylan.

The barn that the govt built?! The barn to nowhere!! So funny!

Adam and his uncle John and Pauls best friend since high school-JC-deciding how the world should run Lena and Beth taking a break from the bikes.

Quick roadside butt break.

Hitting the cooler for some water and pop, then back on the road.

Paul and I, loving the freedom!

Dylan and Telisha

From the top of the Butte you can see 70-100 miles. It was absolutely gorgeous!!

Dylan and Telisha- on top of the world in more than one way!

“They came, they saw, they conquered. How do we top that?”

And there’s nothing like finishing the day with a midnite dinner at Shari’s! Yummy and great company!! Thanks guys, for including us in such a fun Independence Day!


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